Future Capital Projects and Community Outreach

Community Outreach Programs

It is said that service to humanity is service to God (Seva Parmo Dharmah).  Temple and Cultural Center have an important role in reaching out to the Community at large and urges members to take an active role and help in any way possible. Temple has initiated a number of activities and would like to empower members to take initiatives  and start new programs.  Facilities of Temple and Cultural Center are available for such efforts, and Members are encouraged to look for such opportunities.

The range of activities initiated over many years by our long standing member K.Balasubramanian (K.Bala) include:

  • Soup Kitchen work on a regular basis
  • “CROP Walk” related to world hunger
  • Volunteering at the homeless overflow shelter
  • Equinox Thanksgiving Day help
  • Leading our youths for monthly volunteering at the Regional Food Bank
  • Collecting dry food items at the Temple for donation to Capital District Food Pantries
  • Working with Albany County to participate in “Adopt a Road Side” program to clean the portion of Albany Shaker Road, twice a year.

Thanks to K. Bala and others who started above programs. Please contact [email protected], or Bala at [email protected] to get involved.

Other important outreach activities include Interfaith activities, conducting tour of our Temple for High School and College students, conducting Blood Drive and Bone Marrow Drive, Capital District Religious Leaders Conference Etc.

To get involved in such projects, please send an email to [email protected]

Temple Expansion Project

The Temple continues to make capital improvements to serve our community better and to increase the usefulness of the facility. The following projects are currently in active planning stage. If you have benefited from our facilities and would like to donate to help us complete the capital projects in timely manner, please fill out the donation from and give it to any of the office bearers. We can prosper only with your active support.

A Master plan for the Temple includes construction of North Entrance and East Entrance Expansion to create new office room, Meeting Room, data entry room, storage, relocation of bath rooms, enhanced entrance  lobby ( both north and east), changing station, religious supplies and cloth storage area to accommodate growing needs of community settling in the area. Project was approved by the General Body few years back but implementation was deferred pending  improvement / expansion of cited above. At present planning of above is underway and Stapathi Selvanathan will be preparing plans for the general layout of temple expansion. Following that local architect has to prepare detailed plans and design. Then we have to get bids for construction.

Your  generous donation is welcome.