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Health Clinic Schedules

Dr Nalini Ramanathan (Board certified in Family medicine) from FMG St Peters Hospital

Dr. Ramanathan’s clinic will be open on the first and third week of each month (6pm – 7pm). For sick patients a 24-48hrs  prior appointment is required before the visit and is on Friday evening only.
A request to the patients: We regret that some patients arrive late by 15 minutes or more.  This thoughtless habit ends up wasting the precious time of our volunteer doctors. It is disrespectful to them who sacrifice their own family time to provide this free community service. Please arrive on the scheduled time, otherwise we would be forced to revise our clinic policy.
Web site for self-appointments:
Dr. Nalini Ramanathan’s Telephone Number (518) 330-4637


Dr. Bajaj will see patients by appointment only, up to twice a month on Mondays of 2nd and 4th week from 5-6 PM during summer time (winter time may vary). He will see patients with appointment only, so call him at 518-842-8227 (after 8PM). Female patient must be accompanied by an attendant. He will see patients at HCC.

Dr. Padma Sripada MD (Internal Medicine) is happy to provide free Medical Consultation at the Hindu Cultural Center starting October 2017 as follows:

  • Days: Every THURSDAY of the week.
  • Duration of appointment: 10 minutes
  • Available by appointment only which needs to be booked at least one day before.
  • Patients are advised to arrive 15 minutes earlier than the appointment time to complete paperwork. Those who report 10 min late may need to reschedule.
  • Please note that if no appointments were requested for a particular day, she will not be present at the Clinic.
  • Patients can book online (preferable) or call her home Phone# 518-956-3433 and leave a message to request appointments.
  • Emails regarding the Clinic can be sent to [email protected] which is the mail ID of her father Suryanarayana Chennapragada.
Please click below link to make appointments