Constitution GB Voting Notification

Upcoming Constitution GB Voting and Constitution GB Meeting Date Notification

(Constitution GB Meeting on September 16th at 1PM in HCC)

Dear HTS Members,

We the HTS Boards thank you for the feedback of the proposed revised constitution given after the town hall meeting on April 15, 2018. Recently, in a combined meeting, all boards reviewed the comments and came up with a recommendation for the Constitution Task Force (CTF). CTF reviewed the board recommendations and made all the necessary changes. After the careful final review, combined HTS boards have approved the final document for final GB vote on July 20, 2018.

Constitution Voting Committee & Appeals Committee

For the constitution voting process BOT appointed 3 member Constitution Voting Committee(CVC) consisting of Siddheshwara Prasad, Kirthivasan Nagarajan, Bheemineni Veera Bhadrarao. For appeals process, BOT appointed Constitution Appeals Committee(CAC) consisting of Raj Addepalli, Kurtish Dharia, Arvind Goswami.

Both CVC and CAC will publish their ground rules for the voting process. Please contact CVC at [email protected], if the ballots are not received by August 29th.

Transition Plan

If the proposed revised constitution passes the GB vote then it will be effective immediately after the announcement of the results. Constitution Task Force is working on a Transition plan and will submit to the HTS boards approval.

Voting Process & Special GB Meeting

The response for online voting was lukewarm and only 6 people registered. Given the time and effort that is needed to implement online voting, BOT has decided not to implement online voting at this point and solicit voting through paper ballots by mail.

All the members will be receiving ballots by USPS mail with a prepaid postage return envelope. There will be a special GB meeting on September 16th to discuss the transition plan and constitution vote counting. There will be 3 items for an up and down vote on the ballot:

1. Constitution

2. Sai Sanctum

3. Satyanarayan Sanctum

A proposal to add both Sai and Satyanarayan Sanctums during the temple expansion is added.

The ballots will be opened and counted at the special GB meeting on September 16th at 1PM in HCC.

Proposed Constitution Document Download

Please download the copy of proposed revised constitution using the following links:

A hard copy of the constitution is provided at the temple front desk upon request only and please email your requests to [email protected]. These hard copies need to picked up in person from temple front desk and will not be mailed.

Need Your Support

To finish the proposed revised constitution GB voting, the boards needs your cooperation and support to make the process fair and open. This can only be achieved through member participation. Despite of our best efforts we were not able to gather the mailing addresses for the following members and we request the community help locating them. Please email us their contact information to [email protected] for the following members:

Kadambi Vedant & Mythili

Kuria Balu & Aravinda

Pai Vishnu & Seema

Patel Champak & Rasila

Patel Jagdish Chandra & Hemlata

Purohit Madhukar & Shobha

Rajiv Sood

Reddy Ravi & Pratibha

Setty Malliah

Tharunidhar Narravula

On behalf of HTS Boards