Mahashivaratri Celebrations


Significance of Shivaratri is the first physical appearance of Lord Shiva in front of Brahma and Vishnu in the form of immeasurable brilliant pillar of light. On this auspicious day devotees of Lord Shiva allover the world worship the ‘linga’ the symbol of Shiva with bilva leaves and offer ‘abishekam’’ along with reciting Sri Rudram. Sri Rudram embodies the 5-lettered panchAkShari -“Om Nama Shivaya” at the heart of it. The verses in Sri Rudram address Lord Shiva as appearing in various forms -emphasizing the truth that everything in this world is His representation. Sri Rudram is also called Namakam because many of the mantras in it carry the word “namaH” or “namo namaH”. namaH represents sarvasva sharanagathi -complete surrender of the Lord with the wish that He fulfill all our dharmic aspirations.

Sahasra Lingarchana is a unique vedic ritual to worship lord Siva in the name of “Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy”. It is performed by making 1,116 mruthika siva lingas also called as Pardhiva lingas made out of well prepared and sanctified clay. All these siva lingas are arranged in the form of Kailasa prastharam which is a depiction of Siva Kailasam with 16 avaranas and 1,116 Rudra swaroopas. Siva Shakti is invoked into each Siva lingam thru vedic mantras during Shodasa Aavarana puja and worshiped with great devotion and bhakti to seek the blessings of Sri Uma Pardhiveswara Swamy for health, wealth, prosperity, bliss and ultimate mukthi.

Friday, February 24:

               08:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Kalasa Stapana, Ganapathi Pooja, Rudra Homam and Rudrabhishekam
               04:30 PM – 08:30 PM: Mahanyasa Paayrayanam, 1st Yama Rudra Paarayanam(11 times) & Rudrabhishekam
               08:30 PM – 09:00 PM: Bhajan
               09:15 PM: Aarathi
               10:00 PM: 2nd Yama Rudra Paarayanam & Rudrabhishekam

Saturday, February 25:

               01:00 AM: 3rd Yama Rudra Paarayanam & Rudrabhishekam

               04:00 AM: 4th Yama Rudra Paarayanam

               10:00 AM – 12:00 PM: Lakshminarayana Abhishekam & Rudra Paarayanam

               04:00 PM – 07:00 PM: Sahasra Lingarchana & Trishati Archana

               07:00 PM – 07:40 PM: Cultural Program, Shiva Tandavam Dance

               08:00 PM: Archana, Aarathi & Prasadam

Grand Sponsorship: $1001; Shivaratri Sponsor: $501; Rudra Homam or Rudra Paaryana & Abhishekam Sponsor: $101; Abhishekam: $51, $25; Archana: $25, $11; Flower Sponsorship: $501

Contacts: Pt. Sridhara: 518-867-6998; Pt. Srinivasa: 518-867-6720; Pt. Ghanashyam: 518-313-2380

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